Drinking Pita: Karbach Brewing’s Weisse Versa Wheat

Karbach’s delightfully punny names strike a chord with my disgusting since of humor, I have to say. I remember seeing Weisse Versa a while back while at the store with my dad, nearly breaking down in tears of laughter in the beer aisle while he rolled his eyes in disgust. Naturally, I had to get a can of that sweet, sweet wordplay on my lips.

Weisse Versa is certainly a fizzy beer, as I discovered upon opening a can that had been cold and still for several hours and promptly having the damn thing attempt to explode over my hand. Nonetheless, I soldiered on; a little foam never hurt anyone.

I’ve heard before from people that a Guinness is a meal because it’s just liquid bread. Lord, those people need to get their hands on a Weisse Versa. I swear, if there is a way to somehow turn a slice of pita into an alcoholic, carbonated fluid, the good folks at Karbach got that down. This hefewiezen tastedĀ exactly like the whole-wheat pita I’d had with my hummus the night before, no small feat as I’m the sort of person who gets overly critical about small differences in flavor. This is certainly no downfall in my mind, as I love a good pita, but might be a tad confusing to someone not used to solids suddenly being liquids.

The beer advertises its spiced nature, but I have to admit, I couldn’t find myself picking up on the touch of coriander or the bright citrus peel they advertise. I have to say that’s a slight downfall to me, as I enjoy both flavors, but beyond somehow magically melding into breadiness, neither comes through. I’d probably be more likely to drink this regularly if they could up the spices just a tad, so that it brings another level to the brew.

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading through this and thinking, “Now JD. What about theĀ alcohol.” Well, my drunk friends, don’t worry, our dear Houstonian brewery has got our backs. At 5.3% ABV, Weisse Versa is gifted in being not a sad, puny drink, but it certainly won’t knock you flat on your back for quite a number of cans. Pretty good option to replace your watered-down Bud at the next party, I’d say.